Start your Startup without writing code

We build your product in weeks, not months. And with a smaller budget.

I have an idea but...

I don't know how to develop, and I don't have a CTO. I could look for a developer on platforms like Fiver or UpWork, but the cost is out of my budget. I don't know where to start.

90% of entrepreneurs are facing one of these problems, or all of them. That's why we founded Nocodemy Studio, to help you move forward.
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Forget technology, we build your app
Up to 5x cheaper than hiring a developer
We define a clear path from the idea to the final product.

Code vs No-Code

We basically drag and drop objects on the screen, instead of programming everything from scratch. This allows us to be faster and cheaper in comparison with traditional code programming.

Are you curious about how much would do you need to invest to bring your idea to life?
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We love working with incredible projects

No matter what you want to build, we make it happen

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Your journey stars here
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